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Meet Ash, your personalized AI counselor offering 24/7 support.

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meet ash

Mental health
insights, delivered.

Ash has studied the top psychology and mental health resources to provide relevant knowledge on the spot, assisting you in navigating the day-to-day and guide you through life's challenges.

Meet ash

Judgement free,
privacy first.

Ash is an open-minded, unbiased companion available 24/7 to chat. Your data is completely anonymous and protected.

Meet ash

Set goals. Ash helps you meet them.

Ash is dedicated to empowering you to become your best self. With multi-session memory and research backed behavior change methods, Ash can walk you through anything from daily stressors to relationship challenges.

Speak (or type) your truth and Ash listens.

Sometimes you just need to say things out loud - you can talk to Ash like a phone call or chat via text. Ash will respond on the spot with helpful guidance.

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Here to help you through the day to day, from anxiety and stress to workplace woes.

Personalized life, relationship, and career guidance at your finger tips.

Ash has it all.

Multi-Session Memory

Ash remembers your conversations, so you never have to explain twice.

Voice-First Technology

With Ash's voice customization and speech to text features, you can talk to Ash like you're phoning a friend. 

Personalized Insights

Ash generates responses and insights on the spot, acting as a thoughtful sounding board for your challenges.

100% Anonymous

Everything you share with Ash is private and confidential. Data is stored on your device and anonymized. You can even use a nickname if you'd like.

Goal Driven

Ash works with you to discover your goals, and helps you to achieve them with research backed behavior change strategies.

Available 24/7

Ash is your on-demand counselor, free to use whenever and wherever you need support.

What our users are saying about Ash

“The voice is the key for me — it makes the interaction feel much more real than merely text, though the text accompanying the voice is also helpful in a way. I’m amazed at how quickly it feels like an actual therapist and becomes natural”

Verified Review

“I have used a different tool in the past for a similar purpose, and I like Ash much better! The responses feel much more organic and it allows for me to share more of my thoughts and input more things. I also like how Ash knows different strategies for how to approach issues and will follow up in a later session to check in about strategies I said I’d implement.”

Verified Review

“The conversation flowed very easily! I was extremely impressed with the breadth and depth of Ash’s knowledge and ability to quickly hone in on an area that needed more attention.”

Verified Review